Byram Volunteer Fire Department

Greenwich, Connecticut

To learn more about volunteer positions in the Greenwich Fire Department should call  Bryan P.. Kelly

 at (203) 536-7941 : 


Areas of interest and expertise that we do and you can become involved with include:

Structural Firefighting and Rescue 

Motor vehicle extrication

Water source and drafting

Open water rescue

Ice rescue

Fire Boat Operations

Hazardous Materials 

Fire Police work

Brush fires

You can start right away! Just get in contact with us and we can give you more information.

Finance and Budgeting


Community Event Coordination

Public Education

Company Training and Instruction Greenwich Fire Dept. 203-618-8877

Company administration Fire police respond alongside firefighters to protect emergency scenes. Whether it’s closing off I-95 during a motor vehicle accident or keeping the public away from burning structures and enforcing the law, the fire police ARE THERE to protect the public and firefighters.

Byram Volunteer Fire Police

To become a Byram Fire Police officer: You will be trained in traffic control, scene control, and other support roles in aiding the Fire Department. 

                                                                                         Protecting your friends and neighbors lives

                                                                              THE MOST REWARDING EXPERIENCE  YOU’LL EVER HAVE!!

Benefits include:

Training Stipends

Gym Membership

Paid Firewatch for private functions

Property Tax savings of up to $1,000 (Home or Auto)

$7.50 per emergency response in your personal vehicle

Leadership and rank advancement


Training Records Requested

HEP B Shot records from your Medical Doctor

You can do this at:

The Greenwich Town Hall 

Health Department 

Monday- Wednesday-Friday

From 2:30PM-3:30PM